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Hua Tunan Art Reveal

July 31, 2014 - Journal - , , , , ,

hua tunan sprays and splatters paint to form leopard’s face
all images courtesy of the artist

using varying colors of vibrantly colored paint, chinese graffiti artist hua tunan has formed the monumental image of a leopard’s face on a towering canvass wall. the process takes on a performance-like personality, with the artist layering and throwing different hues onto the solid surface until the build-up becomes an integral aspect of the final result. the huge animal portrait becomes part of its surrounding environment as various tones bleed onto the nearby ceiling and walls, creating not only the work-on-canvass, but an art installation within an ordinary space. finally, with a spray can, he has made the finishing touches, rendering the facial details like eyes, whiskers, and spots.

hua tunan painted vibrant tiger
the artist stands before his finished work on canvass and wall

hua tunan painted vibrant tiger
the towering leopard face is part of the surrounding space

hua tunan painted vibrant tiger
various colors are layered on top of each other until they become an integral part of the final work

hua tunan painted vibrant tiger
details of facial features

hua tunan painted vibrant tiger
white paint sprayed onto the canvas

hua tunan painted vibrant tiger
part of the performance

hua tunan painted vibrant tiger
before the painting of the leopard

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