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Vibrant Resources for Color Lovers

July 31, 2014 - Journal - , ,

Are you passionate about purple? Do you burn with the romantic radiance of rich reds? Do cheerful, energetic yellows brighten up your day? If so, you’re likely one of the color lovers that are so prevalent in the design world.

Color is what you make it: sensitive, explosive, dreamlike, atmospheric, somber, cheerful… the sky is the limit!

Those who dabble in the kaleidoscopic world of color possess a special flair for creativity and aesthetics—a creative streak that enlivens design across all media. From web design to print design, from interactive to paper folding, color illuminates our lives.

If taupes and turquoises tickle your fancy, check out these great resources for color lovers:

Design Books on Color

Confident Color: An Artist’s Guide to Harmony, Contrast and Unity

By Nita Leland

Nita Leland brings logic and intuition together to create a foundation for color selections that allow you to be more inventive, break out of old habits and experiment with new colors. Her approach eliminates time-wasting trial and error while giving you the freedom to use color in personal, meaningful and exciting ways.

Roy G. Biv: An Exceedingly Surprising Book About Color

by Jude Stewart

Roy G. Biv takes a clever look into the meaning of color and the emotional and social impact color has on our lives. Color is all around us every day. We use it to interpret the world—red means stop, blue means water, orange means construction. What color is the universe? We might say it’s black, but astrophysicists think it might be turquoise. Unless it’s beige. Jude Stewart unlocks a whole different way of looking at the world around us—and brings it all vividly to life in this bundle which includes her new book Roy G. Biv: An Exceedingly Surprising Book About Color.

BONUS: Free with your purchase of Roy G. Biv: A video of Jude Stewart’s Roy G. Biv presentation from the 2013 HOW Design Live Conference, held in San Francisco—a $49.99 value!

Color: Messages & Meanings — A Pantone Color Resource

By Leatrice Eiseman

Whether you’re looking to compare, contrast or choose just the right colors for your next design project, make sure you consult Pantone’s new Color: Messages and Meanings. Based on extensive research and filled with pages of luscious-to-subtle hues, photographs, and illustrations, this book by internationally renowned color expert Leatrice Eiseman will inspire you to try colors and combinations in new and exciting ways.

Digital Downloads on Color

Complete Color Index Swatch Library

By Jim Krause

The Complete Color Index Swatch Library is an indispensable tool for designers, illustrators, photographers and more. All the great color combinations from Color Index and Color Index 2 are now available as digital downloads. Each of the color combinations is directly importable into InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop for quick and easy use. With over 2600 combinations in both CMYK and RGB, you’ll be able to quickly find and utilize the perfect combination for your project.

Color In Design

From Print Magazine

In this download from Print magazine, you’ll get a complete look at the fascinating world of color—from the rich history of the color wheel to an overview of contemporary color theory. Read some of the best articles by color expert Jude Stewart, and join Steven Heller as he explores the vast implications of the color red. From color trends and associations to the modern rainbow parade, this collection is sure to educate and inspire any color lover.

Print Singles: How Color Changes Over Time

By Jude Stewart | From Print Magazine

In this download from Print Magazine, color guru Jude Stewart takes you through the history of color, noting several color theories that have dominated design in the past and today. Use these insights to help you pick the right palette for each new project from now on.

Print Singles: Local Color

by Bryn Smith | from Print Magazine

In the age of instagram, the work of Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii looks utterly contemporary. Never mind that the chemist-turned-photographer was documenting now-vanished scenes of rural agricultural life at the sunset of czarist Russia. The main subject of his travelogues was color, which he captured in a palette of saturated blues, searing pinks, and acid yellows. Nostalgia: The Russian Empire of Czar Nicholas II, published by Gestalten, erases any notion that the past is always black-and-white.

Pantone Products for Color Lovers

Now is the perfect time to get Pantone products for all your color needs. This month at MyDesignShop, you’ll not only find the best prices on Pantone color matching products—you’ll also find great new items.

MyDesignShop now has NEW Pantone products available, so check out the full collection here.

Pantone Capsure with Formula Guide

Using the most sophisticated color matching technology available, the Pantone Capsure allows you to instantly and confidently match color to almost any surface, material or fabric—even small, patterned, multicolored textures and textiles. Preloaded with more than 8,000 Pantone colors, the Capsure extracts, displays and matches up to four dominant colors from even the most intricate patterns. Because it stores up to 100 color captures at a time, you can use it to cross-match any material or surface.

Pantone Plus Series Starter Guide

Not quite ready to commit to a big Pantone purchase? Start down the path of color discovery with this professional color tool developed to help you explore your creativity and match color accurately, from inspiration to design. The starter guide includes 543 Pantone colors from the Pantone Plus Series libraries—pastels, neons, metallics and solid colors.

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